Nuoc Nong Community, Tu Le Village, Van Chan Town, Yen Bai Province

Wild mushroom & black h’mong chicken hotpot

For a long time, mushrooms are considered a precious herb with many uses, besides being good for health, mushrooms also support very well in the beauty of women.

Therefore, the delicious mushroom dishes are always welcomed and loved by Vietnamese people. At Kuong Pha restaurant, diners can find many delicious, nutritious mushroom dishes prepared by skillful chefs. Until now, mushrooms are considered valuable medicinal herbs. In addition to providing essential nutrients for the body, mushrooms also have many effects such as strengthening body resistance, anti-aging, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, there have been delicious dishes that are crystallized from green, fresh, fresh ingredients, and the dedication of the Kuong Pha restaurant chefs. These delicious dishes are always using fresh ingredients, carefully selected from ethnic people, combined with the skillful technique of the chef, which will surely satisfy the customers. The H’Mong chicken, also known as the Mong chicken, the Black Mong chicken or the black-bone chicken, is a domestic breed of Vietnam originating in the Northern mountainous areas. ‘The H’Mong chicken is freely raised in extensive farming. In addition to the dishes on the main menu of hotpot, diners of the restaurant also have a variety of options such as: American beef, salmon, sturgeon, …



Grilled australian beef tenderloin

The restaurant specializes in high-quality beefsteaks, delicious, soft, naturally sweet Aussie beef tenderloin, and fine, perennial wines. Fillet steak with mushroom sauce, red wine, caramel vodka,...

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