Nuoc Nong Community, Tu Le Village, Van Chan Town, Yen Bai Province

Great cuisine


After the exciting discovering journey, visitors should definitely immerse themselves in great atmosphere and dining experience at our luxurious restaurant, with made-in-nature signature dishes such as ember-grilled stream fish, delicios grilled pork, fragrant sticky rice or pure thousand-year-Shan Tuyet tea.

Being a blend between Asian and Western architecture, our restaurant brings luxurious yet cozy vibes to customers. Amidst the poetic scene, diners will enjoy their meals to the fullest with the most dedicated flavors of the Northwest highlands cuisine.

Grilled australian beef tenderloin

The restaurant specializes in high-quality beefsteaks, delicious, soft, naturally sweet Aussie beef tenderloin, and fine, perennial wines. Fillet steak with mushroom sauce, red wine, caramel vodka, salads...

Grilled fish “pa pinh top”

"Pa Pinh Top" is a famous dish by Thai people in Tu Le. People often choose male carp, leave its scales, remove organs and the middle bone to easily fold the fish when clamped by the bamboo.


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