Nuoc Nong Community, Tu Le Village, Van Chan Town, Yen Bai Province


Growing up by the hot stream nestled around the valley, Thai people have kept the naked bathing custom for hundreds of years. Originating from the ground, hot mineral spring absorbs the quintessence of the legendary land and promises the “spirit water” containing secrets of the Thai women’s beauty.

Visiting Tu Le, visitors can experience the natural hot mineral spring right on Le Champ’s premises with both outdoor pools and private bathrooms to enrich health, eliminate fatigue, and enjoy moments of relaxation.

The benefits of hot mineral water

Hot spring water is a precious natural resource that nature bestows upon human. In Viet Nam, many hot mineral water sources have been discovered and put into use by resorts for health benefits. However, not everyone knows the exact benefits of hot mineral water and how to use the baths to ease ailments. The pathological […]

Nam hon hot spring

Tu Le hot spring spreads along with Highway 32 to Mu Cang Chai. Tu Le is a commune close to Khau Pha pass in Van Chan district (Yen Bai), located in the heart of the valley, Tu Le is known for its beautiful scenery, ladder, nationwide well-known for sticky rice of the Thai ethnic group. […]


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